Report Objectives

The Report is intended to offer a broad perspective on food system activities and help stakeholders explore new partnerships, share knowledge, and identify diverse communities, sectors, and stakeholders that have roles to play in support of changes that are needed within their food systems. We hope that the report will contribute to deeper understanding of food systems and climate change and thoughtful review and development of actions that will – ultimately – contribute to sustainable food systems. 

  • Review and synthesize peer-reviewed literature that examines impacts of food system activities and climate change (Sections 3 and 4).
  • Illustrate how applying a food systems perspective to climate change mitigation actions can be used to drive transformation and help policymakers anticipate effects from specific mitigation and adaptation opportunities (Section 5).
  • Document a range of opportunities that –in the near-term –would support climate mitigation while efforts to drive broader system transformation are pursued (available here).